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Chairman's Message

I am Sajad Shirazi Maqam, Chairman & one of the executive leaders of Emertat Group's big family and I believe that this is our passion and aspiration which drive us on every path to success because economic goals cannot be the primary motivation of an organization but persistence and love of work, will lead to value creation. I have believed in carving a straight path to my objective, and I never feel alone since the assistance received from this family is my greatest support. Emertat Group includes more than 30 companies from the logistics to the retail industry. One of our most important approaches in this family is to transform and develop industries and businesses, relying on the latest technology, and I believe that such approaches will improve businesses and create value-added for individuals and society.

Let's go back to the past a bit!

My ancestors were entrepreneurs in the cotton and fabric industry and have been taking care of this great treasure for 180 years, and I have taken the lead in recent years. When I was an adolescent, I continued my education in England to acquire knowledge and create a new path in my family business. Although Iran was a great pioneer, it was far from world standards. After a decade of studying modern private and family holding systems and industry in Europe and the United States, I returned to my birthplace and began working in the industry from the lowest levels and went on to managing the entire company. In short, more than my birth date and name, mistakes and successes, I am the family I have built, and this gives my identity a new shape every day.


At Emertat, we have spent more than two decades fostering an environment that celebrates our entrepreneurial spirit, encourages new ideas, promotes commitment, and supports individual development.We encourage our people, regardless of role or career stage, to play an active part in all aspects of our business in order to turn our vision of creating 'great moments for everyone, everyday’ into a reality.

If you are passionate, driven and like what we stand for, then we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about the opportunities available by visiting our Careers Page.