investor relations

Key facts 2022

Emertat is one of the leading drivers of economic growth and impact in the Middle East and North Africa and is a leading foreign direct investor and a catalyst for the region’s economy.

USD approximate company-wide asset value


USD group revenue

Funding strategy

We are committed to prudent financial management and our Funding Strategy focuses on minimising re-financing risk and ensuring flexibility and efficiency through diversified sources of funding.

Liquidity profile

Our liquidity policy targets at least 18 months of financing requirements.

USD 12 M

    • Revolver/Term loan undrawen83%
    • Cash12%
    • OverDrafts/Uncommited6%

    The volume of investment portfolios

      • Banking & Finance 35%
      • Health care & Pharmacology22%
      • Real Estate & Construction20%
      • Energy & Logistic10%
      • Retail & Industrial10%
      • Media3%

      Our investment repartitions policy

      We are well diversified across 8 markets and 30 businesses, with a combined strength of balance sheet from quality assets within our main business, and stable cash flows from our banking businesses.

      Our journey in the years of success

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