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How did it all begin?

The Shirazi family began their business activities in 1845 with the establishment of a trading house in Shiraz, Iran. The main activities of this family were focused on exporting cotton to the United Kingdom and doing financial and exchange affairs. The first generation of the Shirazi family expanded their business in other directions and in 1900 entered in the field of national fabric production as a shareholder and representative of the Islamiah Company in England. Also in 1901, they bought a part of the shares of Omoumi Iran Company and invested in Astara-Ardabil's Shusha road. From 1891, the family's business activities peaked and they became the most important suppliers of cotton in England. Therefore, Haj Ali Akbar established a company in Manchester in 1912.

Leadership model

The Emertat Group Leadership Model has been developed to provide transparency and detail around the behaviours that leaders across all levels are expected to exhibit and role model.

LEADS THE WAY by driving strategy and change for the Emertat's vision.
DRIVES IMPACT and delivers meaningful results.
DEVELOPS TALENT by building the next generation of Emertat leaders.
FOSTERS INNOVATION by driving innovation and creativity.

People & Careers


At Emertat, we have spent more than two decades fostering an environment that celebrates our entrepreneurial spirit, encourages new ideas, promotes commitment, and supports individual development.We encourage our people, regardless of role or career stage, to play an active part in all aspects of our business in order to turn our vision of creating 'great moments for everyone, everyday’ into a reality.

If you are passionate, driven and like what we stand for, then we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about the opportunities available by visiting our Careers Page.


Our adventures

See the efforts of the Shirazi family in more than 180 years of business in all parts of the world here. These companies have been established with 100% ownership of the Shirazi family.
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Executive leadership

Emertat as the company’s strategic architect, supports the business entities with expansion plans, while allowing them to operate independently. Our leaders inspire, encourage and help deliver on our vision, strategy and values, everyday. They lead the way and encourage others to do the same. Our Board of Directors guides the direction of our company and operations to ensure that Emertat maintains its stature as the leading conglomerate in the world.