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The Shirazi family began their business activities in 1845 with the establishment of a trading house in Shiraz, Iran. The main activities of this family were focused on exporting cotton to the United Kingdom and doing financial and exchange affairs. The first generation of the Shirazi family expanded their business in other directions and in 1900 entered in the field of national fabric production as a shareholder and representative of the Islamiah Company in England. Also in 1901, they bought a part of the shares of Omoumi Iran Company and invested in Astara-Ardabil's Shusha road. From 1891, the family's business activities peaked and they became the most important suppliers of cotton in England. Therefore, Haj Ali Akbar established a company in Manchester in 1912.

First Generation

Haji Ali Akbar Shirazi, the elder of the Shirazi dynasty, was the founder of modern and world trade in Shiraz and a prominent Iranian businessman. He was a gifted, powerful and forward-thinking man who in his time was able to set up a large business network from Beijing to London. His skill in identifying opportunities made him the most important supplier of cotton in the UK. For the first time, he was able to modernize financial exchanges in Iran by printing Barat in England and counteracting the profits of the Imperial Bank in Iran. The issued bonds were exchanged as a valid guarantee among the merchants, which changed the reputation and position of the Shirazi family in the world.

Second Generation

Haj Mohammad, as the second generation of the Shirazi family, was soon able to follow in his father's footsteps and by entering the tea, spice and leather trade, he was able to expand the Shirazi family's exchanges with Far Asia and China. With the outbreak of World War II in 1939 and its devastating effects on world trade, the Shirazi family decided to focus on the food trade to solve the problems that had arisen. The barley, wheat, and flour trade over the years alleviated some of the problems caused by the famine caused by the war. Focusing on social responsibility has been the most important task of the Shirazi family at this time. The construction of a mosque, bath, water storage and school is one of the main activities of the Shirazi family in Shiraz, which has been praised by everyone.

Third Generation

Haj Abbas, as the third generation of the Shirazi family, made important changes in the company's movement and added agriculture and industry to the investment portfolios of the Shirazi family. Investing in pistachios was one of the most important decisions that his farm was built in the east of Fars province. Exports of pistachios to Europe, the United States, Russia and the Far East were among his activities. Sungate brand was able to find a strong position in the target markets in a short period of time and promote Iranian pistachios in the retail markets. In 1981, with the establishment of a company in Dubai, financial and exchange activities were resumed with the aim of exporting goods to the Middle East. During these years, due to the addition of agricultural products, herbal essences and mineral water to the family business, the company was able to gain a significant share of the Middle East and North Africa markets.

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Emertat has established the following strategic asset allocation in order to achieve its long-run investment objectives. The asset allocations are shown below:​​

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Emertat Group has a long and celebrated history of ‘‌Bright Future’. Based on the principals of shared responsibility, our initiatives aim to strengthen the communities that have welcomed us and empower hope in the world we serve. We go beyond providing support – our teams actively engage, volunteer and use their expertise in order to create a wide and lasting impact.

Dr. Sam Shirazi

Global CEO & Chairman

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Investment Philosophy

Emertat’s approach to managing investments is to combine the unique circumstances of its structure with the investment mindset of a sophisticated global investor​. We are long-term institut​ional investors, seeking to identify high-growth investment opportunities, and benefit from market dislocations and inefficiencies. We anticipate adding value through strategic asset allocation, manager and security selection, and portfolio tilts that take advantage of economic themes. Our experienced investment team and the long-term partnerships we develop with our external managers and advisors are integral to meeting our investment objectives.

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  • Our role in Vision 2030 empowers us with access to national economic resources, including the Public Investment Fund Program.
  • Our governance and our influence as shareholders to improve business practices will add value to the portfolio over time.​​
  • Our approach to managing risk is centered on diversification, detailed due diligence, and downside protection.