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The foundations of the Emertat Group were laid in 1912 and it became a full-fledged company in 2005. In its early years, the Group was primarily engaged in the agriculture and cotton trade industry as well as several other industrial sectors. Since the 1980s, the real estate industry has been the primary focus of the Emertat Group, now one of Iran’s leading developers of residential buildings, office spaces, and shopping malls. The company began to grow more rapidly in 2000 with the inclusion of second-generation management and completed its corporate development process under the roof of Emertat Group in 2005, maintaining its family company values. As from 2007, the Group added retail and service sectors to its business line-up.

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Asset Allocation

Emertat has established the following strategic asset allocation in order to achieve its long-run investment objectives. The asset allocations are shown below:​​

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About Our Founder

Mr. Haj Abbas Monfared Shirazi, the founder of Shirazi Limited Company and the superior entrepreneur of the country, was born in 1929 in Iran. He started his economic activities, while he was still a student, along with his father Haj Ali Akbar, who was a reputable merchant and a knowledgeable man in Bazar Vakil, Shiraz. During Business trips, he earned valuable experience. In this regard, he moved to Manchester as the great city and a new environment. Over the first years of his residence in this city, though he was faced with numerous challenges, he managed to overcome all difficulties with his proper endeavor and determination, within 3 years. His father was engaged in rug and carpet business for a while and therefore he also became familiar with the trading of carpet in his adolescence. Therefore, in order to initiate his production activities, he steps into carpet industry.

CEO's Message

Emertat Group has a long and celebrated history of ‘‌Bright Future’. Based on the principals of shared responsibility, our initiatives aim to strengthen the communities that have welcomed us and empower hope in the world we serve. We go beyond providing support – our teams actively engage, volunteer and use their expertise in order to create a wide and lasting impact.

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Investment Philosophy

Emertat’s approach to managing investments is to combine the unique circumstances of its structure with the investment mindset of a sophisticated global investor​. We are long-term institut​ional investors, seeking to identify high-growth investment opportunities, and benefit from market dislocations and inefficiencies. We anticipate adding value through strategic asset allocation, manager and security selection, and portfolio tilts that take advantage of economic themes. Our experienced investment team and the long-term partnerships we develop with our external managers and advisors are integral to meeting our investment objectives.

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  • Our role in Vision 2030 empowers us with access to national economic resources, including the Public Investment Fund Program.
  • Our governance and our influence as shareholders to improve business practices will add value to the portfolio over time.​​
  • Our approach to managing risk is centered on diversification, detailed due diligence, and downside protection.