People philosophy

At our core, we are a values-led organisation that is bold passionate and together – underpinned by a culture that is inspired by the dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit. Armed with a clear vision to create great moments for everyone, everyday, Emertat Group understands the importance of a productive, happy and healthy work environment. Those who join us are rewarded with aspirational careers that stretch and grow them – personally and professionally – so that together, we can continue to drive impact, nurture the spirit of excellence and deliver the future.

Our culture​​

At Emertat Group, we have spent more than two decades fostering an environment that celebrates our entrepreneurial spirit, encourages new ideas, promotes commitment, and supports individual development. We encourage our people, regardless of role or career stage, to play an active part in all aspects of our business in order to turn our vision of creating 'great moments for everyone, everyday’ into a reality. With over 10 nationalities, we are committed to diversity and promoting an inclusive culture that lives up toour purpose and values.

Leadership model

The Emertat Group's Leadership Model has been developed to provide transparency and detail around the behaviours that leaders across all levels are expected to exhibit and role model.
Leads the way
by driving strategy and change for the Emertat Group's vision.
and delivers meaningful results.
Thinks customer
by always thinking of ways to delight our customers.
Thinks 'GROUP'
and fosters team collaboration.
Develops talent
by building the next generation of Emertat Group leaders.
Fosters innovation
by driving innovation and creativity.

People stories

  • Mitra

    My journey with the Emertat Group started over 3 years ago as a Sales Associate. Over the years, I was drawn to the passion my leaders had towards our company and brands. This was seen in their efforts to improve operations, build stronger teams and provide exceptional service. I share this passion with my team every day.

  • Mohamad

    Emertat Group was founded on a strong culture and values that kept it unique. These values are about empowering others and giving them the opportunity to innovate and change. Throughout my four years here, I’ve had opportunities to live these values and work with diverse teams to help achieve their highest potential.

  • Sam

    The Emertat Group is a diverse organization with great leadership and teams of talented people. Our leaders empower us to lead teams and encourage us to bring out the best in everything we do. This builds a sense of belonging to my work, team and the company.


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Our people are our greatest asset, which is why we seek to identify and develop individual strengths that ultimately contribute to our collective success. If you are passionate, driven and like what we stand for, then we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about the opportunities available by visiting our Careers Page.
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