A Journey Through Time

The strides of Emertat Group over the last five decades have reflected the image of the Shirazi family in its development, as the company was transformed from an individual to a holding company. The roots of Emertat Group date back to 1943, when it was founded as a private company under the name of emertat corporation. In early 2007, after undergoing several stages, it was transformed to Emertat Investment Group, which became a limited company during the same year.

Emertat is a private investment company that owns and operates more than 4 leading business concepts across the Middle East and Iran. The holding has grown a substantial chain of businesses representing leading brand names in retail, food and beverage, properties, agriculture and services. We are committed to delivering new brands and new investment platforms as part of our commitment to offer innovative investment experiences that keep customers returning to our places.








CEO Message

Emertat Group, a multi-disciplinary investment company, has proven itself to be a dynamic and progressive enterprise, positioning itself as one of the leading privately-owned investment in the Middle East since inception in 1943. As a result of our prudent approach, we have grown steadily and remained resilient despite challenging market conditions. We have accomplished this through adapting to an evolving competitive landscape, relentless commitment to quality, and fiscal discipline, including efficient deployment of capital, thus making impressive progress in a short period of time. Building on our success, we look forward to a new era of growth as we develop more projects both locally and internationally. Furthermore, we will continue to pursue new investment opportunities that maximise value creation for our stakeholders even in an uncertain economic climate.

Dr. Sajad Monfared Shirazi
Chief Executive Officer

Our Core Values

At Emertat Group we promise to L.E.A.D with integrity in everything we do.


We listen to understand our customer.


We empower our teams to succeed.


We constantly adapt to stay ahead.


We always deliver our best.

Where We Operate

Emertat Group has a footprint across the Middle East, Europe and Iran.
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